Diabetes is killing people around the world and billions of money is being spent on medication to control diabetes. Although nobody recommends you to stop your medication without the consult of your doctor, but these 10 points, if followed properly with medication, can really control diabetes without medication for you.

Control Diabetes Without Medication

    This is extremely important if you have diabetes, because if you know what is the level of your blood sugar or glucose in your body then you can easily manage it. You can buy blood glucose monitor online or offline. You can get the blood glucose monitor from any drug store, or if you want to buy it now, you can buy it from Amazon also. Doctors usually advise on your target range and when and how often you should measure your blood glucose levels. Keep a record of it and cooperate with your doctor to help manage your glucose levels.
    Some people would think that timing makes no difference. But that’s wrong. You should eat your meals pretty much at the same time every day. This will certainly help your body control sugar more effectively, it will also make it easier for you to monitor your blood glucose levels. Even if you are not feeling hungry, never skip any meal. Your body needs energy, and this is how you can control your diabetic condition.
    Your doctor can guide you for the healthy diet chart plan, or you can also consult any dietician well suited to your diabetic needs. Major important factor here is to have a healthy and balanced diet with protein, carbohydrates and fats. You need to have a wide range of healthy foods which will give you the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Include fiber rich foods in your diet plan, and consume plenty of vegetables, nuts, legumes and wheat bran, etc.
    Since you are eating healthy food, you need to track food labels also. Food labels can be very tricky sometimes. But if you know what nutrition information to look for, it can help you make the right choice for your diabetic needs. Understanding serving size and calories on the food label would become an essential part of controlling your diabetes.
  5. Diabetes workoutWORK OUT EVERYDAY
    Make exercise a daily part of your lifestyle after consulting with a doctor what suits you. You can start with low approach first and gradually increase the time frame for exercise. Working out daily is very important factor, not just for diabetic people, but for everyone. Whatever you enjoy, be it swimming, cycling, walking, dancing, etc., work them up to at least 30 minutes every day, or an hour if possible. Do not give yourself hard targets at first, as that would be impossible and will give you stress on your body and mind. Make exercise something which you can enjoy rather than stressing on it.
    Following above rules combined will definitely help you shed your excess pounds, only if you stick with the plan. Consult your doctor about your ideal healthy weight and then take appropriate actions to lose weight. Do not starve yourself to lose some pounds, which generally is not good at all since you are a diabetic patient, plus you will end up putting on those pounds again.
    Stress affects a lot in life when you are diabetic. So you need to avoid things which gives you stress. It affects directly through stress hormones to alter your glucose levels in your bloodstream. Spend time happily with your family, doing things such as exercise, yoga, relaxation techniques, and better time management and so on. Do whatever you can to minimize your stress level.
  8. diabetes alcoholDO NOT CONSUME ALCOHOL
    Alcohol is not good for your blood sugar as it can increase and decrease glucose level which can be dangerous sometimes. Low level of alcohol can increase your blood sugar level in the body while excess alcohol consumption can actually lower down the glucose level. Having alcohol increases your starving resulting in overeating thus interfering with effective blood glucose control. It’s always best to avoid alcohol, and if you cannot then limit yourself to 2 drinks per day. Have it with food if possible, and drink it slowly. It can have adverse effect on insulin and medications for diabetes.
    Diabetes can bring in nerve damage due to poor blood flow which can create problems in your body. Being a diabetic patient you have to keep diabetic feetchecking your feet constantly on a daily basis. You have to be careful not to damage or cut the skin as these areas are difficult to heal in diabetics. So do not walk in bare feet, even in your house always wear sandals or flip-flops. Always wear well-fitted shoes. Do not ignore your feet as the care of your feet is very important. You can visit a chiropodist for regular checkups of your nails as well. When washing your feet, do not let them soak in there. Just wash them with mild soap and warm water, rinse and then dry gently. If you have any sores or cuts or abrasions which are not healing then consult with your doctor.
    personal doctorControlling diabetes is very important and this can be controlled easily, provided you are in touch with your doctor. Always visit your personal doctor on a regular basis to have an effective control on your diabetes. Your doctor will check your weight, blood pressure and feet to look for any significant changes that need attention in each appointment. Your doctor will advise you on few things to manage diabetes and will keep track of your daily routine as well. They are also interested in knowing how effectively you are managing your diabetes.

These 10 points are relevant to both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. If you change your lifestyle you surely can control diabetes easily, and it’s actually easy to control diabetes without medication. Always consult with your personal doctor for any medication issue, these are just basic points to follow as a natural control of diabetes.

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