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Can You Die From Diabetes Type 2?

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Death is the ultimate final destination we all have to arrive. But we don’t want to die to have diabetes with the worst quality of life, controlling our organs to let us live more. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes then you must be thinking about this question, “Can you die from diabetes type 2?” The answer is, “Yes, you can”, if not controlled well.

Diabetes is killing!

People often would think diabetes type 2 is not a serious condition, only when if you are not taking care of yourself. Diabetes kills thousands of people every year!

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Diabetes happens when your pancreas stops producing insulin for the body to control the sugar, or when your body is producing insulin but cannot work properly. Insulin is a hormone which breaks down glucose from the food you eat and convert it into energy for body organs to use.


And the major problem with diabetes is that it will take few years to develop symptoms. If your body is exposed to high blood sugar level then your body organs can be damaged, which eventually leads to death.

To control diabetes is to first know it and then control it with labs diagnostics test. You can read more about on how to control diabetes here.

Diabetes affects our body in many ways depending on individual health factors. Due to the poor blood circulation in the body main organs like heart, kidneys, eyes, and brains are easily affected. Due to the lack of insulin in the body, glucose slows down the blood flow in these organs as it sticks on the wall of arteries and veins which are very fine and complex. After some time, blood supply to these organs will be blocked and lack of oxygen and nutrients supply to these organs through blood circulation will lead to heart attack, vision loss, stroke and kidney failure.

There are other complications from having diabetes type 2, like hearing problems, skin and mouth conditions, which generally does not lead to death but it worsens the quality of your life.

Although before this happens, you will notice warning signs and symptoms which start with your feet. If you experience any numbness and tingling feeling in your feet, that means its diabetes pain in your legs.

When blood sugar increases your vision becomes blurry because of blood diffused into the lens of the eyes causing swelling. As a result, it leads to cataract. This will change the focal point of your eyes. It can result in permanent loss of vision if not treated properly after consultation with your doctor.

The best way to control your diabetes is to check if you are pre-diabetic or not. If you are pre-diabetic, then your chances of getting diagnosed with diabetes are higher.  But it can be reversed if followed with the right diet plan, timely treatment and regular exercise with medications referred by your doctor.

And if left untreated, it may result in life-threatening complications resulting in death.

Before you think about this question, “Can you die from diabetes type 2?”, ask yourself if you are on a right track to controlling it? Read this if you want to control diabetes with medication. And can you die from diabetes type 2 or not, should be the second concern. Control your diabetes with proper medication and timely labs test after consulting your personal doctor and you should be fine.

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