How To Control Gestational Diabetes


When the blood sugar level of a woman becomes extremely high for the first time when she is pregnant, she has gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes often goes back to the normal level after the birth of the baby.

However, the thing to worry about in this case is that high blood sugar may lead to adverse gestational diabetes effects on baby and the mother both.

What Exactly Is Gestational Diabetes

For instance, baby in the womb may grow too much large to create problems during the delivery or the baby may take birth with high/low blood sugar. However, with some essential steps related to how to control gestational diabetes and proper treatment, many women with gestational diabetes succeed to control the blood sugar levels. Thus, the right control helps women to give birth to babies in healthy condition.

Another significant fact that justifies taking action directed towards how to control gestational diabetes is women who have gestational diabetes are likely to develop Type 2 diabetes problem than any other women. Hence, with the objective to reduce or avoid the severity related to Type 2 diabetes, you should possess healthy body weight, follow a diet plan for gestational diabetes and boost your overall physical activity.

What Causes Gestational Diabetes

The pancreas is responsible for making a hormone named insulin that helps the body to use and store sugar from the food you intake correctly. In this way, insulin keeps the level of blood sugar within a specified range. However, in the case of pregnant women, the placenta creates hormones, which make difficult for the insulin to work properly. This refers to insulin resistance.

Pregnant women suffer from diabetes whenever their pancreas fails to produce insulin in enough amounts to keep the blood sugar levels in the targeted range.

Complications Of Gestational Diabetes

Management of glucose levels in the blood during pregnancy is very much essential to achieve good health for both the mother and the baby. In some cases, you may easily control gestational diabetes by following gestational diabetes diet plan and recipes and involving in physical activities. However, in most of the cases, the solution to how to control gestational diabetes requires medications or insulin injections to control blood sugar levels.

You should work with your doctors, midwife, nurses and nutritionists/dieticians to set your target related to the levels of your blood glucose. Monitoring the levels appropriately and fulfilling the targets will help you a lot to reduce complications from gestational diabetes and in turn, increase the chances related to healthy pregnancy. This is because; if you fail to manage your diabetes correctly, you will remain at increased risk related to developing various complications, which include;

  • Require to induce your labor
  • Requires Caesarean section (C-section) for delivery of the baby
  • Baby with macrosomia problem, i.e. larger than its regular size, which further leads to painful birth, and huge stress for the newborn baby
  • Baby may become the patient of neonatal hypoglycemia (low glucose levels)
  • Perinatal death of your baby
  • Baby may bear a huge risk of obesity or develop Type 2 diabetes in future

Ways To Control Or Cure Gestational Diabetes

Treatment associated with gestational diabetes involves selection of healthy options. Most of the women making changes in the way to eat food and to do a physical activity can easily manage gestational diabetes during pregnancy. These women may easily keep the blood sugar level within a specified range. Control of blood sugar is apparently the best way to prevent problems at the time of giving birth or during the pregnancy period.

For this, gynecologists, pathologists, dietitians/nutritionists and other healthcare experts work as a team to develop an effective treatment plan for your good health. A pregnant woman does not require eating any special food; instead, she has to bring changes in what, how much and when to eat any food. Furthermore, a conceiving woman has to walk several times in a week to get proper control of her blood sugar level.

  • Eating Balanced Diet

Once you find that you are dealing with the problem of gestational diabetes, you should contact a good dietitian or a nutritionist to know the best foods for gestational diabetes. Moreover, the dietitian will guide you about foods to avoid gestational diabetes.

For instance, your approached nutritionist may recommend you to put a limit on your carbohydrate intake to control your blood sugar levels. Moreover, you should prepare a note of everything you eat daily and keep a proper track on your body weight. Besides, you should make sure to learn about weight gain range, which is good for you as well as your baby in the womb.

  • Getting Regular Physical Exercise

Besides knowing what to eat or what not to eat with gestational diabetes, you should make a habit of involving in a moderate level of physical exercise regularly for about 2 and half hours in a week. One best way to do this is to stay active for about half an hour in a day and about five days a week.

Even to get an appropriate solution on how to control gestational diabetes it is okay to stay active for 10 minutes block during your entire day or week.

So get up and do some physical exercise to control your diabetes.

Regular and moderate exercise during your gestation period helps the body of women to use insulin in a better way and thus, controls blood sugar levels. However, if you do not have any idea about the type of physical exercise you should regularly perform before your pregnancy, you should discuss with your doctor. In general, gynecologists and other medical practitioners recommend low-impact activities, like swimming and walking as a good workout for conceiving women.

how to control gestational diabetes

Other than this, you may try some special exercise/activity classes available mainly for pregnant women.

  • Check The Blood Sugar Levels

One of the best ways to avoid or control gestational diabetes is to check the level of blood sugar on a regular basis. Besides a monthly blood sugar checkup, you should go for a home-based blood sugar test on a daily basis. This helps you to know that your blood sugar level is within the gestational diabetes test range and thereby, gives peace in your mind.

There are a variety of blood sugar testing kits available on Amazon. You may consider them buying it and use at home. You don’t even have to visit a doctor for your blood sugar checkup. This will definitely save you a lot of time and use that time to do some other activities.

  • Monitor Your Body Weight Regularly

Although, it is advisable for a pregnant woman to go for weight gain during her gestation period, too much weight gain may sometimes result in the problem of gestational diabetes. Therefore, it is essential for you to stay at a healthy weight by not gaining excessive weight at the time of your pregnancy.

One of the best ways to do this is to opt for regular exercise to keep the blood sugar level within a specified target range and thereby, avoid gestational diabetes.

Get yourself a log book to record daily blood sugar readings & meals intake.

So keep monitoring your body weight regularly.

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  • Monitor The Growth Of Fetus And Your Well-being

Your gynecologists, pathologists and other doctors may want to monitor the movements made by the fetus based on kick counts. In this case, you should mainly inform your doctor if your baby moves less or its kick count is less than normal. Even you may get fetal ultrasounds to view and assure about the proper growth of your baby in the womb. Along with this, a few gynecologists may recommend you to go for a non-stress test to track the way, in which the heart of your baby responds to any body movement.

  • Go For Your Medical Checkup Regularly

If you have the problem of gestational diabetes, you should definitely go for the medical checkup with your gynecologists on a regular basis. During these visits, doctors will check the blood pressure and test a sample of your blood as well as urine. Even during your visit, you may discuss the blood sugar levels, what you eat, the amount/hours of exercise you do, amount of weight you have put on and amount of weight gain you exactly require.

  • Avoid Medicines Intend To Boost Insulin Resistance

Women diagnosed with gestational diabetes should strictly avoid medicines, which intend to increase the resistance to insulin resistance. These include glucocorticoid medicines, such as dexamethasone and prednisone, along with nicotinic acid-based medicines available.

  • Take Diabetes Medicine And Shots Of Insulin Regularly

One of the best ways to treat the problem of your gestational diabetes is to bring changes in the way; you have your regular diet and go for regular exercise. However, if the levels of blood sugar exceed too much, you may require the necessary insulin shots or any other diabetes medicine. For this, you should discuss with your doctor whether you need any particular medicine or insulin shot to control your diabetes during the gestation period.

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Therefore, with a few easy but important lifestyle changes, such as variations in the way you have your food or involve in physical exercise, you will definitely experience a healthy pregnancy and prevent the probability of diabetes in your future.

Once you start following the guidelines as mentioned above related to controlling gestational diabetes, you learn more about the way, in which your body reacts to physical exercise or the food you consume. Besides managing your gestational diabetes successfully, you may notice about your better feelings and get more energy.


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