How Does Diabetes Affect Your Body?


Diabetes has several types which usually appears with many developments triggered by the preliminary illness. These conditions can be minimized if you master how to control diabetes, medically and naturally.

We are going to talk about on how does diabetes affect your body, which can be a completely different experience depending on the individual health factors.

Diabetes affects the body in many forms and has the ability to affect multiple vital organs in our body. Although diabetes is not curable, if you know how to control diabetes, it is possible to live a very healthy and balanced life.

Diabetes can have a severe impact on our whole body system. There are no short-term effects of diabetes.

While diabetes can affect your body completely but it affects mostly on our kidneys and eyes, so you should be more bothered about these two areas.

It does affect other parts as well, like the brain, heart and nerve damage, which can give a serious role in the future.

diabetes affect on your bodyTo better take care of your body, always consult with your personal doctor, have yearly medical tests done to keep track of your body condition.

We see the world through our eyes, hence it becomes a very vital organ in our body. If you do not take proper care of diabetes, you can end up in loss of vision which affects your body psychologically.

Visit your doctor for eye tests regularly who can tell if you might have a diabetic based eye disease, especially if you are over 30.

The most typical eye conditions in people affected by diabetes are glaucoma, cataracts, and retinopathy.

When there is constant fluctuation in blood pressure levels, it can have an impact on kidneys, a condition called diabetic nephropathy.

It doesn’t mean that kidneys are going to fail but makes the patient more prone to kidney diseases.

Always consult your doctor for kidney screening test every year, as signs and symptoms appear late in kidney’s disease.

Although kidney disease is more like a silent killer, but not to worry as the progress of kidney disease can be slowed down or stopped if detected earlier.

One of the chronic complications of diabetes is neuropathy or nerve damage. This happens when blood sugar level is not controlled consequently deteriorating our neural system.

Since nerves are part of our every vital organ, any damage will create a problem for the body. It can change the way our body part works with each other resulting in a severe damage.

It is difficult to treat neuropathy in people having Type 2 diabetes. You will feel numbness when affected by neuropathy, especially since it occurs in feet.

Due to the constant rise and fall of blood sugar levels in our body can affect heavily on the brain.

Diabetic patients who complaints about slurred speech, blurred vision, faintness, distress and headaches suffer from hypoglycemia.

This can often be observed when a diabetic patient tends to suffer from low blood sugar level. And when the sugar level returns back to normal, these symptoms will disappear.

In some cases, diabetes causes the hardening of arterial blood vessels within the brain which can cause a stroke.

According to emedicinehealth,

Hardening of the arteries is a disorder in which arteries become narrowed because fat is first deposited on the inside walls of the arteries, then becomes hardened by fibrous tissue and calcification.

Diabetic Complications List

  • Heart diseases
  • Skin & mouth conditions
  • Respiratory problems
  • Osteoporosis
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Hearing problems

Diabetes is really a dangerous disease which kills slowly and should be handled under all circumstances.

And if you have a family history of diabetes, then you are more vulnerable to it.

how does diabetes affects the body

The best way to prevent these complications of diabetes is to keep an eye on blood sugar level. And once sugar level is controlled you will not face any of the above consequences of this dreadful disease.

Develop a healthy diet plan, exercise regularly, consult your doctor for regular tests every year and take medication as required if you do not want to let diabetes affect your body.

Join some diabetic exercise program in your city. You may also consult a dietician to check for best foods or supplements to lower blood sugar levels.

This is just the basic information on how does diabetes affects your body, we will be coming up with more posts on other effects of diabetes on the body.


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