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Diabetes is a tricky condition to live with. It’s one of the diabetes facts.

You have to constantly be cautious about what you eat and how you live your life because even a single wrong step can make the problem worse. This is probably the reason why medical experts recommend trying to avoid falling into the trap of the problem in the first place.

Let’s understand about diabetes care at home more deeply.

Understanding Diabetes

While you may be aware of diabetes as a health issue and know of people who suffer from it, there is a possibility that you do not understand diabetes completely. There are so many myths and rumors about the condition that it is easy for people to be misinformed these days.

how to cure diabetes

To understand it simply, diabetes is a condition in which your blood glucose levels (also known as your blood sugar levels) are too high. The body has a hormone, insulin, which helps to break down the glucose (obtained from the food you eat) and take it to the cells for conversion into energy. But, with hormonal imbalances, the body does not produce enough insulin, which eventually causes an accumulation of glucose in the body. This leads to problems of the heart, kidneys, vision etc.

There are two types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. And the symptoms and treatment of diabetes in both the conditions are almost the same.

Type 2 is the more common one, in which the body does not make or use insulin well. In both cases, some of the symptoms and problems remain the same. However, the treatment may differ depending on the extent of the problem.

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Sometimes the warning signs of diabetes are so mild in the initial stages, that you are unable to identify the problem. However, if you feel the signs and symptoms growing rapidly, or notice a combination of the below-mentioned points, then you should definitely get yourself checked.

  1. Constant Fatigue – Lack of insulin in the body means that glucose made from the food you eat cannot be utilized properly by the cells to be converted into energy. Without energy, you feel tired constantly.
  2. Constant Hunger and Thirst – You also tend to feel more hungry when you have diabetes. Since the glucose in the body is not reaching your cells, your brain tends to think that you have not consumed enough food, which naturally leads to eating more. With bodily changes, you also start to feel hot and uncomfortable, which eventually leads to increased thirst.
  3. Blurred Vision – Improper insulin levels in the body have a direct impact on one’s eyesight. If this is something that you are experiencing, in combination with other factors, then you must get yourself checked immediately.
  4. Frequent Urination – Your kidneys and urinary system, in general, are connected to other processes of the body. This means that improper insulin levels can sometimes mess up your urinary system and cause you to pee more. This may not just tire you, but also cause other severe problems. Hence, you must get yourself checked if you have been facing this problem for some time.
  5. Nausea and Vomiting – Erratic sugar levels in the body tend to cause nausea and vomiting. This can turn out to be quite difficult to deal with in your daily life, especially if you are in a profession that requires constant moving from one place to the other during the day.
  6. Body Numbness – There could be some parts of your body that may start to feel numb than the others, and you may occasionally experience a tingling sensation on the same as well. When this starts to happen frequently, it is a cause for concern and could indicate diabetes. So you must get it checked by your doctor to be sure.

diabetes pain in legs

Of course, there are other symptoms too that start showing up alongside, such as sudden weight gain or weight loss, pain in legshair fall, sleeplessness, slow healing of cuts and bruises on the body etc.

The sooner you identify these symptoms and get yourself checked, the easier it will be for you to manage your diabetes home.

Precautions for diabetes type 1 and type 2 should be taken seriously.

With a proper treatment plan and some discipline, diabetes can be handled by almost everyone. Timely treatment helps to avoid future complications.

Diabetes Care at Home

There is no new diabetes treatment. While diabetes is a condition that requires you to follow some rules, you do not necessarily need to feel restricted on living your life properly because of it.

Although there are many ways on how to take care of diabetes naturally, with some simple tips and tricks, handling diabetes becomes easier, and you can live your life normally without any worries.

1. Regular Check-Ups – These are important for any person suffering from diabetes. While you will have regular appointments scheduled with your doctor to do necessary checks, you must also get yourself in the habit of checking your sugar levels at home. This helps you to keep track of where and when you are going wrong and avoids severe problems.

From glucose meters to blood test machines to apps on your phone that keep track of your eating habits and sugar levels, managing diabetes is a lot easier now than how it used to be a decade ago. People feel a lot more independent with the convenience of these technological aids that don’t need you to stop living your life just because you have diabetes.

Find out which of these aids work for you, and use them well to control your life the way you want.

2. Food Checks – This is something that everyone stresses upon. When you suffer from diabetes, you and people around you always keep checking what you are eating and when you are eating. Your doctor too will give you a list of things to eat for sure, and another list of foods to avoid for sure.

The key is to sticking to those lists and keeping your diabetes in check. This only works when you are strict with yourself on some level and food restrictions are one of the first few things that you will have to do to deal with your condition.

There are many diet plans available for diabetes patients which can help reverse diabetes.

3. Weight Check – Exercise on a regular basis to maintain healthy body metabolism. Most people tend to feel uncomfortable on their knees, hips and a few joints of the body when they suffer from diabetes. Keeping yourself fit and reducing some weight will help to eliminate the stress from those body parts and joints for you to be more mobile and active.

With an improved heart rate and better blood flow, your overall body condition starts to get better, and you automatically start to feel the difference.

4. Herbal Remedies – While there will be your usual injections and insulin doses or oral medication to include in your daily life, some people vouch for herbal remedies. And there are many ayurvedic home remedies for diabetes.

Now, it’s not something where you are searching online for how to cure diabetes permanently, but definitely it will help you control your diabetes without medications.

can you die from diabetes type 2

The good thing about herbal remedies for diabetes is that you can take them even when you are taking other chemical-based medicines; so you can benefit from both and feel the difference.

Some of these ayurvedic remedies are made from natural herbs and substances that people have been using since ancient times. If any of these work for you, then feel free to take them. However, do not forget to keep your doctor in the loop of things, so they know exactly how to go about altering the dosage of chemical-based medicines, keeping in mind the effects of these herbal remedies.

5. Lifestyle Changes – With diabetes, one of the most important things to do is to keep a check on one’s lifestyle habits.

Research has indicated that people who sleep poorly or have a stress-filled life often have a hard time keeping their sugar levels in check.

This is understandable, considering the body’s natural processes go for a toss when your sleep cycle is not correct. In other words, it becomes important for you to allocate the right number of hours for work and rest so that you can get a good night’s sleep. And remember, it is not just about how many hours of sleep you are getting, but also the quality of sleep that plays a vital role in keeping your diabetes under control.

Living with Diabetes

If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, then you must know that there is no need to feel upset about it.

diabetes care at homeYes, it is a problem that was best avoided; but now that you have it, you can accept it and move on and still live your life happily, as long as you take proper diabetes care at home. Once you are used to a routine and start to understand the do’s and don’ts better, you will no longer feel sad about your situation and will be able to handle it better.

Talk to people around you who have similar complications, check out online groups or conversations that give you more information, research and read up more on your diabetes condition, and sooner or later you will feel more comfortable.

It is usually the lack of knowledge of a certain disease or condition that scares a person more than the condition itself.

So if you equip yourself with enough knowledge and work towards a proper treatment, you will feel more confident about handling your situation and will be able to lead your life happily.

Stay diabetes free!


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