Is Diabetes A Disease?


Diabetes refers to a situation, which takes place whenever the glucose levels present in the blood or blood sugar becomes too high. Blood glucose constitutes a prime energy source and it comes from various food items you consume on a daily basis. Insulin i.e. a hormone made and secreted by pancreas lets cells of your body to use glucose obtained from different food items to gain energy.

However, sometimes, the body of a person does not produce enough insulin or fail to utilize it in a right way. This forces the glucose to stay in the blood itself and fails to reach to the cells.

Are you also fighting with this question – ‘Is diabetes a disease?’

The answer is ‘yes.’

With time, accumulation of glucose in excessive amount may cause many health problems. Despite, you do not get any proper cure for diabetes, you may take the necessary steps to manage it and stay healthy for a long time.

Types Of Diabetes

Diabetes problem may be of three different types, which includes –

Type 1 Diabetes

In case of type 1 diabetes patients, their bodies are not able to make insulin. This is because; immune system of such individuals attacks and destroys the pancreas cells responsible for preparing insulin.

Besides the question ‘what is type 1 diabetes,’ many patients and their family members eager to know at what age group a person has the probability to track with type 1 diabetes. For this, experts said that type 1 diabetes takes place often in children and in various young adults.

And diabetes in children has become common now a day.

Such patients have to take insulin daily to lead a normal life or to stay alive.

Type 2 Diabetes

Another question, ‘what is type 2 diabetes’ comes to mind of almost every health conscious person. For this, our experts said that patients suffering from type 2 diabetes fail to make or use insulin properly. Based on this fact, you may develop the problem at any age, even when during the childhood age.

However, type 2 diabetes take place often among old and middle age people.

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes, as the name highlights, may develop in some women during their pregnancy i.e. gestation period. Many times, gestational diabetes goes away after the birth of the baby.

But, the problem is that women suffered from gestational diabetes remain at relatively higher risk to develop type 2 diabetes during later years of her life.

Key Facts On Type 2 Diabetes

Until now, experts have found the following important facts about type 2 diabetes by considering the health condition of patients –

  • Insulin Hormone

how to control diabetes

A major difference in between type 1 and type 2 type of diabetes is associated with the insulin hormone. The pancreas of people suffering from type 1 diabetes does not produce insulin at all.

On the other side, in case of type 2 diabetes, pancreas continues to produce insulin, but cells in the liver and muscles, along with fat tissues become inefficient to absorb it and regulate the level of body glucose.

According to the experts involved in analyzing ‘is diabetes a disease’, the body of type 2 diabetes patient tries to compensate insulin and glucose level by forcing the pancreas to pump out insulin in a higher amount. However, pancreas eventually decreases its ability to produce enough insulin and hence, cells do not get adequate energy, which they need.

  • Progressive Health Condition

One of the major facts about type 2 diabetes is that it involves progressive condition. This means, if a patient suffers from type 2 type of diabetes for a long time, he or she requires more help to manage the levels of blood glucose. This means patients require more medications and insulin injections to control glucose levels.

  • Patients Have Insulin Resistant Bodies

As mentioned before, type 2 diabetes patients produce insulin, but their bodies fail to use it in a correct way.

Experts associated with the study of ‘is diabetes a disease’ refer it as insulin resistant bodies. Even in some cases, the pancreas of type 2 diabetes become unable to produce insulin in enough amounts to deal with the body glucose. In such instances, insulin requires traveling from the bloodstream within the cells to create energy.

  • Close Association With BMI And Overweight

Type 2 diabetes has a close association with Body Mass Index, abbreviated as BMI and overweight condition of an individual. In addition, this type of diabetes may take place because of unhealthy diet options and lack of physical exercise.

According to experts involved in diagnosing and treatment for type 2 diabetes, adults with BMI value higher than 25 remain at relatively higher risk to suffer from type 2-diabetes.

  • Manageable Easily Than Type 1 Diabetes

Positive thing is that managing type 2 diabetes is relatively easy for individuals. For this, you only have to go with a combination of healthy diet options, necessary physical exercises, and oral medicines. However, in some cases, you may require insulin shots to get blood glucose control in a better way.

Ways To Cure Diabetes Naturally

Individuals want to make their blood sugar levels normal or lower blood sugar quickly should take the following steps;

Follow A Good Diet To Reduce Diabetes Risk


To reverse the effects of type 2 diabetes, it is essential for you to include certain foods to control diabetes in your regular diet. These are

  • Fiber Rich Food Items

Research study associated with managing diabetes with diet has shown that high-fiber food items are helpful in reducing the absorption of glucose. In addition, fiber-rich foods regulate the blood sugar level in your body and provide support to the detoxification process.

Hence, if you want to reduce the risk of diabetes naturally, you should include at least 30 grams of fiber on a daily basis. You may get it from a wide range of veggies, nuts, berries, avocados, seeds, and flaxseeds.

  • Foods With Low GI Value

Glycemic index of any food item tells us about the potential of any food to raise the blood glucose level. Foods with high GI value thus convert into sugar quickly than those with low GI levels.

Hence, if you are under diabetes control program, you should make sure to stay with low glycemic food items. These include stone fruits, green veggies, organic meat, eggs, coconut, seeds, berries and raw pastured form of dairy products.

  • Healthy Fats

Most of the medium-chained fatty acids available mainly in the red palm and coconut oil are helpful in balancing the blood sugar levels. Even they act as preferable fuel sources required for good health of your body instead of sugar.

Other than this, using ghee, coconut, and grass-fed butter may help in balancing out the levels of blood sugar. Hence, you should make sure to include such food items in your daily meals and smoothies.

  • Clean Protein

Having clean and protein-rich diet has minimal effect on the blood glucose levels. In this way, it reduces your absorption of sugar. You may get clean protein from some of the effective sources, which include organic chicken, wild-caught fishes, lentils, bone broth and eggs (without its yolk).

  • Foods Rich In Chromium

Do you have a query about how to control diabetes with food?

If yes, you should definitely go with food items rich in chromium.

According to the analysis related to ‘is diabetes a disease’ or diabetes management, chromium is an effective nutrient involved in lipid metabolism and normal carbohydrate. Hence, foods containing a higher amount of chromium brings improvement in the glucose tolerance factor of a human body and balance out the levels of blood glucose naturally.

Chromium also has a significant role in insulin pathways from the pancreas to bring glucose into the blood cells and thereby, allows usage for bodily energy. Thus, whenever you opt to choose a diet to control diabetes, you should definitely include broccoli, green beans, and raw cheese, as each of these items has a higher amount of chromium.

  • Foods Rich In Magnesium

Similar to chromium, foods rich in magnesium are helpful in regulating the blood sugar levels, as they have a prime role in glucose metabolism. Research related to how to control diabetes mellitus has revealed that the problem of diabetes has a close and frequent association with the deficiency of magnesium.

Hence, eating food items rich in magnesium, such as chard, spinach, almonds, pumpkin seeds, black beans, and yogurt are helpful in improving your symptoms related to type 2 diabetes and thereby, form an appropriate answer to the frequently asked question, “how to control type 2 diabetes naturally.”

Avoid Some Food Items To Reduce Risk Of Diabetes

Certain food items have a negative effect on your blood sugar or glucose levels, create inflammation and activate the immune responses. Thus, it is essential for you to avoid or remove some of the food items for controlling diabetes type 2 naturally.

  • Refined Form Of Sugar

The refined form of sugar spikes the blood glucose level rapidly and increases your risk related to diabetes mellitus problem. Considering this fact, sugary beverages, including fruit juices and soda constitute the worst culprits.

Sugar in these forms enter your bloodstream in a rapid way and may cause extreme elevations in the levels of your blood glucose.

  • Gluten Containing Grains

Gluten-containing grains, such as wheat and wheat flour contain carbohydrates in large amounts, which break down into sugar that too within only just a few minutes of their consumptions. Gluten causes inflammation in the intestine and affects leptin and cortisol hormones, resulting in blood glucose spike.

Experts associated with how to control sugar diabetes often recommend removing all types of grains, especially the gluten-containing ones from the daily diet for about 90 days, so that your body adjusts easily to the healing program. Later on, you may try out by including sprouted grains in your daily diet but that too should be in a small amount.

  • GMO Food Items

GMO (Genetically Modified Foods) items, such as GMP canola, soy, and corn have a close connection with both liver and kidney problems, while they may even promote the problem of diabetes.

  • Hydrogenated Oils

Next, you should make sure to remove rancid and hydrogenated oils from your regular diet. These will include soybean oil, vegetable oil, canola oil and cottonseed oil. Since these belong to the category of processed oils and undergo treatment at extremely high temperatures, they cause a wide range of health problems, including diabetes.

Physical Exercise To Balance Your Blood Sugar Level

Along with the inclusion of various food items from diabetes prevention foods list, it is essential for you to do some physical exercise, so that you may balance your sugar or glucose level effectively. You should keep in mind that exercise reduces chronic problems and thus, reverse your diabetes in a natural way.

exercise in diabetesStudies have revealed that exercise improves control of the glucose present in your blood and may delay or prevent type 2 type of diabetes efficiently. In addition, exercise plays a prime role to control your blood pressure, improve your cardiac health, body cholesterol levels, and your entire life quality.

Exercise gives support to the body metabolism by burning extra fat and creating lean muscles.

Even if you do not have adequate time to visit your nearby fitness center or gym for a hard physical workout, you may opt to go with simple and easy physical activities. These include moving outside or walking at a moderate speed for about one hour to get tons of health benefits, along with controlling your blood sugar levels.

Alternatively, you may join any cardiac-related activity, such as aerobics or Zumba to shed your extra pounds and get control of your blood glucose levels. Besides this, you may opt to practice yoga or stretch at home to get further improved health.


Diabetes is a disease that involves an increase in blood sugar levels. However, rather than a problem itself, diabetes mellitus causes further health problems in individuals during the later years. Thus, with the objective to avoid and reverse diabetes naturally without any medication, you should essentially follow a strict diet plan, as mentioned here and schedule at least 1 hour in a day to involve yourself in walking, jogging or any other physical exercise.


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