What Is The Leading Cause Of Diabetes?


In general, these are the leading causes of diabetes:

  • Insufficient insulin production
  • Being overweight
  • Wrong diet structure
  • Genes & other environment factors

Diabetes is a very deadly disease if not taken care of properly.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, then you should understand the type 2 diabetes risk factors. Prevention of diabetes can only be managed if you have proper knowledge of its risk factors.

If you have already been diagnosed with diabetes, then it is too late, but still, you can control it if not cure it.

Diabetes mellitus consists of a group of various metabolic diseases featuring high glucose or blood sugar levels, which result from defects in the secretion of insulin, its action or may both. In normal condition, the insulin hormone secreted by the pancreas controls the levels of blood glucose. Insulin reduces the level of blood glucose.

When glucose in blood elevates, the pancreas releases insulin to normalize the glucose level to promote the uptake of glucose within different body cells. However, in the case of diabetic patients, insufficient insulin production or lacking response to it causes hyperglycemia.

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These diabetic complications arise when we do not take care of the leading causes of diabetes.

Diabetes is a type of chronic medical condition and hence, it although, remains in control but lasts for a lifetime.

Let’s discuss further on the leading causes of diabetes type 1 and type 2.

1. Causes Of Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes happens whenever the immune system of a person, i.e., the body’s system to fight with infections destroys the pancreas beta cells responsible for the production of insulin.

According to the experts associated with the study of ‘what causes type 1 diabetes in adults’, this type of diabetes takes place because of genetic factors and environmental conditions, including viruses or bacterias and chemical toxins present in the food responsible for triggering the problem. Besides this, other studies related to ‘what causes diabetes type 1’ have called it an autoimmune reaction or cause, as in case if type 1 diabetes, the body of a person attacks itself.

 2. Causes Of Type 2 Diabetes

Another question that comes to the mind of people is that ‘what causes diabetes type 2’? For this, doctors said that body of any type 2 diabetes patient produces insulin. However, in this case, insulin secreted by the pancreas is insufficient, or the body becomes incapable of recognizing the produced insulin and utilizing it in a right way.

Hence, the answer to the question ‘how do you get diabetes type 2’ is straightforward, i.e., your body becomes insulin resistant. Whenever your body has the inadequate amount of insulin or fails to use it in a right way, glucose may not enter the cells and instead, builds up in the bloodstream.

Glucose builds up in your blood rather than entering the cells causes severe damages to multiple organs or areas of your body.

Additional Causes Of Diabetes Type 2

The cause of type 2 diabetes even depends on different factors, which include obesity, sedentary lifestyle, bad diet, increased age and genetic factors. Especially, if you are an overweight person, you are a relatively higher risk to develop type 2 diabetes. This is because, additional bodyweight sometimes results in insulin resistance and thereby, resulting in the problem of type 2 diabetes.

Furthermore, the specific location of body fat also constitutes a prime factor associated with insulin resistance. For instance, additional belly fat has a close relationship with the strength of the body to resist insulin and in turn, causes type 2 diabetes, along with our body’s blood vessels and heart problems.

Diabetes Causes Based On Food Combinations

If you do not have diabetes and looking for more information on how different food combinations can cause diabetes then you should consider these facts:

  • Daily Diet

Further studies associated with ‘what are the main causes of diabetes’ have found that causes of diabetes, especially the type 2 depends mainly on the combination of foods or daily diet of a person.

main cause of diabetes

Diet is of enormous significance for a person. If an individual wants to reduce risk related to getting trapped under type 2 diabetes, it is essential to go with the first strategy, i.e., bringing changes in the regular diet in combination with other activities, i.e., stress management and physical exercise. Thus, with the aim to start eating in a better way, you should know which fruit causes diabetes or increases the risk related to type 2 diabetes.

  • Heavily Processed Carbohydrates

what are the main causes of diabetesHeavily processed carbohydrate-rich food items, such as the items made with sugar, white flour, and white rice are of whole foods stripped of from essential fiber and bran, along with healthy vitamins as well as minerals. According to experts, calories devoid of the vital nutrients with sugar contents in excessive amounts act as primary offenders.

Hence, in order to avoid diabetes problem, it is essential to eliminate or at least reduce the intake of such foods.

The human body can easily digest white flour, rice, and sugar, because of which it causes spikes in both insulin and blood sugar levels. With the passage of time, this results in type 2 diabetes.

Therefore, with the objective to reduce the risk, you should put the limit on processed carbohydrate food items, which include cakes, muffins, white bread, and pasta, while should choose for various whole-grain dietary options.

  • Sugary Sweetened Soft Drinks and Similar Products

does sugar cause diabetesMost of the individuals ask a common question that does sugar cause diabetes? The answer to this question is that sugar itself does not trigger the problem of diabetes. However, it may influence an individual to trap with type 2 diabetes.

Consumption of sugar in excessive amounts in the form of soft drinks or sugary sweetened food items may increase the body weight of people.

Now another question which comes to mind is ‘does fat cause diabetes’?

The answer is yes, gaining extra body weight is the leading cause of diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. Sugary beverages, such as sweet teas or coffees, soda drinks, and lemonades incorporate excessive calories, which result in weight gain and a load of sugar in the body, which increases resistance to insulin utilization.

Thus, you have to go with the best possible way to reduce the sugar’s effect on your health by limiting your intake of various sugary food items and beverages, along with fruit drinks. Even you should strictly avoid loading up your tea or coffee with cream or sugar. Simultaneously, you should make the habit to intake more water to keep yourself hydrated.

  • Red Meats And Processed Meats

red meat causes diabetesRed meats and processed red meats both have close relations with type 2 diabetes. Processed meats available in the form of deli meats, hot dogs and bacon are specifically the bad food options for diabetic people. This is because; these meats contain nitrites and sodium in high levels.

Research studies have found that only one serving of 3 ounces per day of the red meat may increase your risk related to type 2 diabetes by about 19 percent, while for a small amount of red meat in processed form, the increase becomes 51 percent.

Considering this fact, you should switch to other protein sources to bring improvement in your health. These include sardines or any other similar salmon fishes, small organic poultry portions and eggs with beef on an occasional basis in the healthy diet with green vegetables in predominance.

  • Trans Fats And Saturated Foods

saturated foods cause for diabetesA majority of dieticians and nutritionists categorize foods containing saturated fats and trans-fats under unhealthy food items. This is because; both saturated and trans-fat items increase the existing cholesterol levels of human blood and high cholesterol is apparently a substantial risk factor and a leading cause of diabetes.

Trans-fats usually come from a various packaged form of fried and baked foods available in restaurants, while saturated ones come in butter, fatty meats, cheese and full-fat milk.

Hence, with the aim to avoid both trans-fat rich and saturated food items, you should follow few healthy steps as mentioned here. For instance, you should cook or bale by using canola and olive oils, switch to lean meats, snack on nuts and almonds rather than sweets. Moreover, you should opt for poultry items without skin, dress your salad by using vinaigrette rather than blue cheese.

  • Fruit Juices

which fruit causes diabetesPeople dealing with diabetes problem or at the risk of type 2 diabetes should moderate the intake of fruit juice on a daily basis, as a large glass of any fruit juice even the orange juice (rich in Vitamin C) may substantially increase the levels of blood sugar. Sugar levels present in any fruit juice result in a huge spike in the existing blood sugar levels and thereby, increase the hyperglycemia or diabetes risk.

According to nutritionists, the Glycemic Index of orange juice ranges from 66 to 76 on a scale starts from 0 to 100. Another major problem with any fruit juice is that juice comes with very less amount of fiber as compared to any whole fruit, while highly processed fruit juices do not come with any fiber.

Hence, to stay healthy for a lifetime, one should make a habit to have whole fruits, that too, apples, blueberries, blackberries, pears, oranges, and lemons in a day.

Your diabetes can shoot up if you don’t manage it properly. However, with the proper knowledge of the Glycemic Index, you can control your diabetes efficiently. We highly recommend these books if you have insulin resistance which is easy to understand with tons of great information.

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Causes of diabetes problem, both type 1 and type 2 depend on various causes. However, the leading cause is the dietary option chosen by an individual and body weight. Therefore, it becomes the prime responsibility of every individual to check the body weight regularly and simultaneously, to follow healthy diet options in the daily life.


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