20 Natural Tips To Keep Your Feet Healthy In Diabetes


Feet are an essential part of the body to be taken care of when you have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Severe damage can be caused to your blood vessels and nerves in the feet if not taken care of them properly. Else blood circulation can be impaired, and infections can form.

Sometimes we do not realize that.

Ultimately, this can cause a significant complication in your body resulting in amputation, even.

diabetes foot socksPeople with diabetes are very much prone to infections because of their weaker immune system. So those who are suffering from diabetes should take care of their whole body.

For your feet, you should have regular examinations, tests conducted by your family doctor for any nerve damage in your body. Check for diabetes feet symptoms with your doctor. Your doctor will tell about early signs of diabetic feet.

Regular checkup and caring for your feet is a must for a diabetic person.

If you feel there is a pain in your legs, read this article.

Go through these twenty natural tips to keep your feet healthy always with diabetes.

1. Inspect your feet thoroughly every day.

2. Clean your feet every day with warm water with a natural soap, dry them thoroughly to prevent fungal infection.

3. Protect your feet constantly by wearing well fitted, comfortable but sturdy footwear.

4. Never walk around without some footwear to protect your feet.

5. Clean, dry cotton or wool socks are also a good way to protect your feet from pressure points and bacteria caused by sweat.

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6. Always apply a little amount of a natural foot cream that contains antibacterial agents to the soles of your feet after bathing, avoiding the skin between the toes. People with diabetes can find that the skin on their feet dries and cracks easily which can potentially leave them open to infection.

7. When cutting toenails always soak the feet in a good foot soak that has antibacterial properties in it to soften the nails and cleanse away any bacteria and grime from the nails. Remember to cut the nail straight across with a nail clipper, since curved nails are more likely to become ingrown.

8. Using a gentle, natural foot scrub can smooth any small rough areas before they become a problem.

9. Exercise promotes good circulation so walk daily and don’t sit in one spot for too long. An easy exercise is to make a circle with your feet ten times in each direction, keeping your leg as still as possible.

10. Sitting with your feet elevated for 10 minutes will also help your circulation.

11. Regularly massage your feet, this will also stimulate the circulation.

12. If you do notice a sore or infection, see your doctor for treatment.

13. Quit smoking. It is awful for the blood circulation and your health.

14. Get any bunions and corns removed by a professional to avoid infection.

15. Regularly clean the shower with a natural cleaner and spray a little-diluted tea tree oil around the drain.

16. To keep your feet warm in bed wear loose, comfortable cotton or wool socks.

17. Always make sure your feet are kept at a comfortable temperature, avoiding cold feet.

18. If you have any pain in your feet, see a podiatrist or your doctor immediately.

19. Use foot powder.

20. Follow a healthy diet and lifestyle; this will help prevent problems and complications.



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